Frequently asked questions

What is the demand for aged care?

  • Adelaide is facing a significant growth bubble in the older segment of our population.
  • Over the next ten years, the number of over-65’s living in Adelaide will rise from around 215,000 to more than 274,000 - so almost 60,000 more people in this age group
  • There’ll also be over 51,000 more people aged over 70 living in Adelaide – taking that total to 200,818 or 30% more than today
  • Retirement of the Baby Boomer generation will peak in the late 2020s
  • We are facing a growth bubble in the aged which will drive demand for Independent Living Units and Aged Care Facilities
  • The demand for Independent Living Units in Adelaide is expected to reach 300 per year over the next decade and will peak in 2023-24
  • Life Care’s future plan will meet only 9% of forecast demand for independent care and 10% of aged care beds over the next 10 years in Adelaide
  • This rapid population growth will drive unprecedented demand for Independent Living Units (ILU) (eg 300 required per year for the next decade) and Aged Care Facilities.

What is Life Care’s vision?

We believe that as our population ages, they should be able to:

  • access accommodation, support services and care that keeps couples together for as long as possible, not separating them when one is too ill to stay at home – so one can move from their own home to full nursing care just across the courtyard, not the other side of the city
  • remain in the communities where they have spent most of their lives and close to other family members.
Life Care’s vision is based on world’s best practice in aged care building and design, including dementia care, combined with research into what our future generation of residents expect in accommodation and care.

What is Life Care proposing to build?

  • Three state-of-the-art aged care campuses where we both expect the demand will be greatest and where our existing residents currently live.
  • Each campus will integrate a variety of living styles, including: Independent Living Units; Serviced Apartments; and Aged Care beds – full nursing care; and will have modern community spaces such as a village green, hydrotherapy pools, cafes, allied health services

What is the timing around delivery of these new aged care campuses?

We will continue to pursue the redevelopment of our three inner eastern suburban sites in 2018, but in a way that appropriately balances design and planning regulations with our commitment to providing the best in aged care for older South Australians.

How will you deal with issues of overlooking, invasion of privacy, developments that are out of character with the neighbourhood?

  • We are striving to be innovative in our design approach, based on international best practice in aged care building and design. To support this approach we have engaged a Sydney-based architectural firm with overseas experience where such issues have been resolved within communities.

The majority of these developments are for retirement living – ILUs. Are these developments a money grab?

  • The reality is we have a rapidly growing section of our population that won’t accept the standard of accommodation or facility that our parents or grandparents have.
  • It’s a problem that’s on our doorstep and it’s one that Life Care, and our peers in the industry, want to address so we can continue to support our families, our friends and our neighbours as they all get older.

Is Life Care dropping its development plans entirely?

Not at all. Our sites need to be redeveloped to meet the needs and expectations of a new generation of older South Australians, and we remain committed to developing our sites at Norwood, Joslin and Glen Osmond. We have decided to withdraw from a planning assessment process so we can create time and space to properly consider the various issues that have been raised, and see how they can be balanced against our vision to deliver 21st century aged care. We think we can find a balance and want to take the time to explore that further outside of the planning process.

Life Care submitted concepts of substantial height – 7 and 9 storeys and four in a heritage conservation zone - and you now appear to be backing off. Why put the community through such grief?

As mentioned earlier, our vision for aged care requires balancing the expectations we have as we age, against the commercial viability of providing care. We maintained from the outset that these were initial concepts subject to refinement as we moved through the planning assessment process and sought advice from a range of consultants, including heritage experts, traffic management consultants and those of the Design Review Panel.

Do you concede that you got it wrong and misread the community’s feeling toward high rise development in residential areas?

We acknowledge the depth of concern expressed by all three communities regarding our development proposals. However, our motive has always been to provide the very best accommodation outcomes and care for ageing South Australians. Clearly, we need to give further consideration to how we deliver on this vision while balancing design and planning regulations. Therefore, we have withdrawn our proposals to take some time outside of the formal planning and approval process to do this.

What is happening with Stage 2 of Joslin, will they proceed with the 3 storey development?

Life Care has withdrawn their current application from the Major Planning process and they are taking time over the coming months to holistically rework their proposals to ensure they can achieve their desired objectives. Height will be one of the design elements that will be look at. Life Care will continue to pursue the redevelopment of their site at Joslin in 2018, but in a way that appropriately balances design and planning regulations with their commitment to providing the best in aged care for older South Australians.

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