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Glen Osmond

In October 2017 Life Care withdrew its application from the State Government’s Major Projects Approval Pathway to review design options for the site.

At the time, Life Care sought interest from the community to engage in a design review process to consider key principles that might help to achieve the right balance between height, scale and density and the provision of essential care services to our residents.

Upon receiving only two expressions of interest from the community, we have subsequently decided to postpone any immediate plans to redevelop the Glen Osmond site, focusing rather on completing the redevelopment of our site at Joslin and undertaking a thorough strategic review of our property portfolio. 


Life Care has withdrawn its application for development of Norwood from the State Governments Major Project Approval Pathway.

Taking some time outside of the formal planning and approval process will enable us to holistically rework our proposals to ensure we can achieve our desired objectives and continue to provide the highest levels of essential care and accommodation for senior South Australians.


As one of South Australia’s leading not-for-profit aged care providers, we want to provide older South Australians with the choice to live independently for longer in a community with access to care services and facilities that support ageing in place.


We will continue to pursue the redevelopment of our site Norwood in 2018, but in a way that appropriately balances design and planning regulations with our commitment to providing the best in aged care for older South Australians.

Joslin Stage 1 (new facility)

The site will be closed for the Christmas period from 22nd December 2017 with tradespeople returning to the site on 3rd January, 2018. 

  • Approximately 20 to 30 tradespeople will be on site during January 2018 to finish the remaining minor works. 

  • This will include some further landscaping work, the installation of planter boxes and screens to the windows and the delivery and fitout of internal furnishings including blinds and curtains. 

  • The new basement car park will be operational in January and it is our expectation that the majority of tradespeople will use this space for parking. 

  • Building completion and handover to Life Care is expected to occur in mid-February 2018.


As the site becomes operational, all staff and visitors to the site will be expected to park in the new basement carpark.

Joslin Stage 2 (older facility)

Life Care has withdrawn its application for development of Joslin from the State Governments Major Project Approval Pathway.


  • During February, residents from the older existing facility will be transferred to the new building. 

  • The existing facility will remain vacant until we determine our approach to redeveloping this portion of the site. 

  • We have been in dialogue with resident representatives about our stage 2 development plans and will look to continue this engagement in 2018.


We have planning approval for a three-storey development and this has been the subject of discussions with resident representatives.

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