Our Engagement Team

We are committed to ensuring our engagement process following best industry practice. To ensure this is the case, we have engaged two community engagement specialists to lead and facilitate our community engagement program. 

Steve Dangerfield
Community Engagement Lead

With an extensive career spanning senior and specialist community engagement roles at SA Water, Land Management Corporation, Urban Projects Authority and the SA Housing Trust Steve is one of South Australia's most sought after Community Engagement specialists.

Steve’s community engagement expertise and facilitation skills are well known and highly regarded in South Australia.


One of Steve’s key strengths is his ability to quickly grasp and communicate highly complex issues – creating trust, understanding and open lines of communication.

Sarah Hill
Community Engagement Advisor

Sarah has worked in the community engagement space for over 10 years and is drawn to the discipline by the opportunity to give people a voice.


Sarah was a former employee of the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure and is currently on the Ministerial Advisory Board for Community Engagement and Social Sustainability as part of the new Planning Act.


Sarah has worked on a variety of development and policy planning projects in Adelaide, Sydney and the UK. Sarah has a Bachelor degree in Public Health, Social Sciences and a Masters in Urban and Regional Planning.